Volkswagen Reportedly Acquires Huawei’s Self-driving Unit; Alibaba & Tencent Back Dram Maker; Bilibili AI Makes Old Anime Look Better

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News of the Week

Will Volkswagen Buy Huawei’s Self-Driving Unit? No comment

Baidu Brings Trial Robotaxi Operation to Shenzhen’s Most Populous district

Tencent and Alibaba Take Stakes in Chinese Dram Maker

Papers & Projects

Huawei’s AI research center Noah’s Ark Lab has introduced a large-scale multi-modal Chinese dataset named Noah-Wukong. The dataset contains 100 million image-text pairs. Huawei said the dataset will serve as a benchmark for different cross-modal learning methods. You can read the paper for more details and download the dataset here.

Rising Startup

Binli, a smart electric vehicle company, has raised over RMB10 billion yuan ($1.57 billion) in a strategic investment from Wuhan-based Changjiang Capital. Founded by former Volkswagen China Executive Vice President in 2021, the Beijing-based company will introduce its first electric vehicle model to challenge Porche Taycan and unveil a vehicle brand named BeyonCa.

Rest of the World

DeepMind is continuing its streak of AI in Science research by introducing a deep reinforcement learning architecture for nuclear fusion plasma control. Simply speaking, nuclear fusion as a sustainable energy source needs a so-called tokamak device surrounded by magnetic coils to contain the superheated plasma. DeepMind has collaborated with the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL using AI to self-learn how to control plasma. Read the paper published in Nature and the DeepMind blog for more.



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